“Childhood and Blueberry Muffins,” written by Sierra Leone Dixon. This sweet yet thought-provoking book contains the resonating painful and beautiful realizations about life—recollections and special moments. All these lines express the innermost realities of one’s heart and soul, whether they speak of joy or anguish.

The author, Sierra Leone Dixon, is a native of Washington, a Woodrow Wilson High School alumna, and has been composing poetry since she was able to read. She is fascinated by life’s highs and lows and uses words and her personal experience to construct a vivid picture. She remembers the good old days with nostalgia and still takes great pride in being a Bennett Belle. She is a graduate of Bennett College.

She then continued her graduate studies at Strayer University, George Washington University, and Howard University, where she studied paralegal studies (M. Ed., Supervision, and Administration). She works as an educator in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She is also the proud mother of Leander Chantelle Daniel and Tifanne Elizabeth Lawrence. She has a Mississippi-based goddaughter named Tia Nacole Cunningham. During the Golden Years at Bennett College, she got to know Milanda Penquite, the mother of Tia.

The poetry book “Childhood and Blueberry Muffins” is about living life and learning not to be scared to take chances. Regardless of culture, color, or gender, everyone may relate to the common experiences she explores in her poetry.

In the cadence of these poems, the author emanates a rhythm that delivers the unexpected. Her earnestness in expressing her ideas is genuine and true, and it is truly a voyage into a fresh realm of creativity that offers “Aha moments.”

She is a true expert at using metaphors, similes, paradoxes, and other literary devices. Because challenges are the one thing that all people face in life, her poetry inspires and empowers her listeners to overcome whatever obstacles they may encounter. This book is full of surprises you do not want to miss, and it is soft and encouraging while also being firm and realistic.